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SVTC Member Code of Conduct
1.Participants should not use alcohol while they volunteer.
2.Children should not be brought to an event.
3.Participants should provide 72 hours notice if unable to show for an event.
4.Participants should not use illegal substances during events.
5.Participants should not bring firearms, weapons, or explosives to an event.

SVTC No Show & Cancellation Policy

The continued success of SVTC depends on the support of its members. If a member chooses not to show up for a project, not only is the overall success of the project affected, but also the perception of how effective SVTC can be in its obligations to the community and its members.  Please remember that if you sign up for a spot and then do not attend, you are also depriving another volunteer of the opportunity to help. 

For these reasons, we must advise you that any member with

  • 2 No-shows, or
  • 2 Late Cancellations, or
  • One No-Show and one Late Cancellation
may have his/her membership suspended for one year.

No-show... If a member signs up for a volunteer event, does not show up for the event, and does not give the event leader advance notice, this is considered a "no-show."

Late Cancellation...  If a member signs up for a volunteer event, and cancels less than 72 hours prior to the event, this is considered a  "late cancellation."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a policy on No-shows? 
SVTC has a good reputation for being reliable, and one aspect of that reliability is that we show up with the number of volunteers that we have promised.  If our reputation suffers, we will find fewer non-profits who are eager to work with us.  Right now we have the luxury of picking and choosing non-profits that we'd like to work with. We'd like to keep it that way.

What happens if I miss an event for which I was signed up? 
After the event reports are all returned at the end of the month, everyone who missed an event that month will be sent a "no-show" email. Everyone who missed an event will receive the email -- no exceptions. We send this email for two reasons. First, to make sure that everyone who missed an event is aware of it, and to be absolutely sure that no one can be accidentally recorded as a no-show, and not be aware of it. Second, this gives the absent member an opportunity to explain directly to the SVTC Board the reason for the absence, in the member's own words. (The volunteer may have explained to the event leader already, but there's always a chance that an error could be made when the information is passed on.)

But who is actually harmed if I don't show up?
First, the volunteers who DO show up must carry a heavier load. In some cases, this just means they will have to do more physical labor.  In other cases, they will be stuck trying to do two jobs at once.  It's true that some volunteer events are not very demanding, But in other cases a shortage of volunteers can make an easy job very difficult, and a lot less enjoyable for everyone.  Second, by signing up for an event and then not attending you have deprived someone else of the opportunity to participate in that event.  Third, it makes the project developer's job MUCH more difficult.  The developer tries VERY hard to match the number of volunteers to the needs of the project.

But I have other commitments. Do you really expect me to put volunteering ahead of everything else in my life??
Everyone seems to have a full life these days.  If your personal schedule is full, perhaps you cannot sign up for very many SVTC events. But when you do sign up, we expect you to honor your commitment, just as other SVTC members do.  At every event you can probably find several volunteers who had an offer to do something else that day, but they came to the event, as promised. We ask the same of all members. 

Isn't this policy a bit harsh?
Our policy is strict, that is true.  But it is a reflection of just how seriously SVTC members take their obligations, and how much we value the reputation and continued success of SVTC.  It has taken YEARS of hard work and  exceptional dedication on the part of many people to build SVTC into the organization that it is today.  SVTC provides a convenient way for hundreds of members to volunteer, for the benefit of thousands of individuals, and for the health and strength of our communities. We are dedicated to the continued success of SVTC, and we believe for SVTC to be successful and healthy in the long run, its members must keep their commitments.

But I had a good reason for not attending the event. Are there exceptions to the policy?   
If you miss an event (for any reason), you will receive an email regarding the absence. If you had a good reason for missing the event, please reply to the email with your explanation.   Any exceptions to the policy are considered by the Board of Directors, on a case-by-case basis. (Even if you didn't have a good reason, please respond; we'd still like to know that you are aware that you missed an event.)  

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